POFER SRL offers explosion-proof certified screw conveyors for dust and gas in accordance with ATEX 1 & 2, ATEX 21 & 22.

    Zone 1 and zone 21 correspond to occasional risk areas,

    zone 2 and zone 22 corresponds to the improbable risk areas.

    Specifying the following:

    As regards to the intended use and the type of transported material, it is important to strictly follow the directions for which the screw conveyors have been produced and offered.

    POFER has no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in relation to the content provided, nor for any direct or indirect damages, arising in any way from change of working environment / intended use, misuse, or for the transport of inappropriate materials, reasonably foreseeable.

    Certification is intended for manufacturing, testing and shipping of unassembled screw.

    Should an on-site additional certification be required at the time of installation, it is necessary to consider additional procedures, which will be charged in the final balance.

    For more details and clarifications on the certification, please contact us

    info@pofer.it +39 0425 89000