Screw Conveyors Design: Industrial, Agricolture, Biomasses


Pofer offers a wide range of screw conveyors, which are used in many industries: agriculture, food, energy, ecological, chemical, plastic, to treat and separate materials of different nature, including aggregate, solids and liquids, after feasibility analysis.

The Pofer screw conveyors are in fact ideal for transport, filtration and separation of any type of materials: sewage sludge, cement, grain, feed, wood pellets, peanut, olive pomace, woodchips, spray-dried powders, sand, gravel and silica aggregates, plastic granules and pvc powders. 

In detail, the INDUSTRIAL Division Screw conveyors and extractors include dosing augers and conveyors that are characterized by sturdiness and ease of maintenance. Equipped with stuffing/box and flanged shafts, they are the ideal solution for continuous operation in cement, lime and gypsum processing.

The AGRICULTURE division screw conveyors have been specially designed to facilitate the handling of bulk grains, fertilizers and animal feed. These augers require minimal maintenance and bear a simplified assembly.

The GREEN Division screw conveyors are designed and engineered to fit for transport and extraction of biomasses destined to feed digesters in biogas plants, heating plants and CHP (cogeneration plants).

Pofer highly qualified technical staff will engineer ad hoc projects with the help of cutting-edge systems or based on drawings supplied by Customers.

All products Pofer bear CE certification and are equipped with dedicated technical and use and maintenance manuals and packed properly. 

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