Concrete recycling plants CRP series

Concrete recycling plants CRP series

Concrete recycling system

POFER CRP (concrete recycling plant) screw conveyors are used in concrete plants to separate aggregates from water, i.e. residual inerts from the washing of concrete mixers with granulometry from 0.3 mm up to 40 mm. CRP consists of a heavy structure made of hot galvanized carbon steel. Both the planning and the long-term tests carried out on the plants have proved CRP screw conveyors to be very reliable and easy to maintain.


Total recover of residual inerts, low water consumption environment-friendly operations

The supply includes:

  • N° 1 screw conveyor complete with inlet hopper, spiral, motorgearbox, electrical installation, internal flight washing system and support frame
  • N° 1 gangway for collection tank set for the fixing of the stirrer
  • N° 1 stirrer for collection tank
  • N° 1 connection pipe between screw conveyor and collection tank
  • N° 2 underwater pumps for water recycling and concrete mixer washing

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